262 schools

Oversubscribed? Name Address
Oversubscribed Barwick in Elmet Church of England Primary School Chapel Lane LS15 4HL
Oversubscribed Great Preston Church of England Primary School Preston Lane LS26 8AR
Oversubscribed Harewood Church of England Primary School Harrogate Road LS17 9LH
Unknown Queensway Primary School and Yeadon and Rawdon Children’s Centre Coppice Wood Avenue LS19 7LF
Oversubscribed Yeadon Westfield Infant School Westifield Grove LS19 7NQ
Unknown Abbey Grange Church of England Butcher Hill LS16 5EA
Availability Allerton Grange School Talbot Avenue LS17 6SF
Availability Aberford Church of England Primary School School Lane LS25 3BU
Oversubscribed Adel Primary School Tile Lane LS16 8DY
Oversubscribed Allerton High Business and Enterprise Specialist School King Lane LS17 7AG
Unknown Adel St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School Long Causeway LS16 8EX
Unknown All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Cross Aysgarth Mount LS9 9AD
Unknown Allerton Bywater Primary School Leeds Road WF10 2DR
Availability Allerton Church of England Primary School Lingfield Approach LS17 7HL
Not all nearest allocated Alwoodley Primary School Cranmer Rise LS17 5HX
Oversubscribed Armley Primary School Salisbury Terrace LS12 2AY
Availability Ashfield Primary School Weston Lane LS21 2DF
Availability Asquith Primary School Horsfall Street LS27 9QY
Not all nearest allocated Austhorpe Primary School Austhorpe Lane LS15 8TP
Oversubscribed Bankside Primary School Shepherd Lane LS8 5AW
Unknown Bardsey Primary School Woodacre Lane LS17 9DG
Oversubscribed Beechwood Primary School Kentmere Avenue LS14 6QB
Oversubscribed Beecroft Primary School Eden Way LS4 2TF
Unknown Beeston Hill St Luke’s Church of England Primary School Beeston Road LS11 8ND
Oversubscribed Beeston Primary School Town Street LS11 8PN
Availability Benton Park School Harrogate Road LS19 6LX
Availability Blackgates Primary School Smithy Lane WF3 1QQ
Unknown Blenheim Primary School Lofthouse Place LS2 9EX
Unknown Boston Spa School Clifford Moor Road LS23 6RW
Availability Bracken Edge Primary School Newton Garth LS7 4HE
Not all nearest allocated Bramham Primary School - Federated with Shadwell Primary School Clifford Road LS23 6JQ
Not all nearest allocated Bramhope Primary School Tredgold Crescent LS16 9BR
Availability Bramley Primary School Fairfield Hill LS13 3DP
Unknown Bramley St Peter’s Church of England Primary School Hough Lane LS13 3NE
Unknown Brigshaw High School and Language College Brigshaw Lane WF10 2HR
Availability Broadgate Primary School North Broadgate Lane LS18 5AF
Unknown Brodetsky Primary School The George Lyttleton Centre LS17 7TN
Unknown Brownhill Primary School Torre Road LS9 7DH
Unknown Brudenell Primary School Welton Place LS6 1EW
Unknown Bruntcliffe School Bruntcliffe Lane LS27 0LZ
Availability Burley St Matthias’ Church of England Primary School Burley Road LS4 2HY
Oversubscribed Calverley Church of England Primary School Towngate LS28 5NF
Not all nearest allocated Calverley Parkside Primary School Victoria Street LS28 5PQ
Unknown Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School Tongue Lane LS6 4QE
Availability Carlton Primary School New Road WF3 3RE
Availability Carr Manor Community School (Secondary) Carr Manor Road LS17 5DJ
Availability Carr Manor Primary School Carr Manor Road LS17 5DJ
Availability Birchfield Primary School Birchfield Avenue LS27 7HU
Oversubscribed Chapel Allerton Primary School Harrogate Road LS7 3PD
Oversubscribed Christ Church Upper Armley Church of England Primary School Theaker Lane LS12 3NU
Unknown Christ the King Catholic Primary School Bramley Kings Approach LS13 2DX
Oversubscribed Churwell Primary School Westwood Side LS27 9HR
Unknown Leeds City Academy Bedford Field LS6 2LG
Unknown Clapgate Primary School Cranmore Drive LS10 4AW
Oversubscribed Cobden Primary School Cobden Road LS12 5LA
Unknown Cockburn School Parkside LS11 5TT
Unknown Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England Primary School Linton Road LS22 5BS
Not all nearest allocated Colton Primary School School Lane LS15 9AL
Unknown Cookridge Holy Trinity C of E Primary School Green Lane LS16 7EZ
Unknown Cookridge Primary School Tinshill Drive LS16 7DH
Unknown Co-operative Academy of Leeds Stoney Rock Lane LS9 7HD
Unknown Corpus Christi Catholic College Neville Road LS9 0TT
Unknown Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Halton Moor Avenue LS9 0HA
Not all nearest allocated Cottingley Primary School Dulverton Grove LS11 0HU
Unknown Crawshaw Academy Robin Lane LS28 9HU
Oversubscribed Cross Gates Primary School Poole Crescent LS15 7NB
Not all nearest allocated Crossley Street Primary School Crossley Street LS22 6RT
Unknown David Young Community Academy (DYCA) Bishops Way LS14 6NU
Unknown Deighton Gates Primary School Deighton Road LS22 7Xl
Oversubscribed Castleton Primary School Green Lane LS12 1JZ
Availability E-ACT Leeds East Academy South Parkway LS14 6TY
Availability East Ardsley Primary School Fall Lane WF3 2BA
Unknown East Garforth Primary School Aberford Road LS25 2HF
Oversubscribed Ebor Gardens Primary School Rigton Drive LS9 7PY
Unknown Farnley Academy Chapel Lane LS12 5EU
Oversubscribed Farsley Farfield Primary School Cote Lane LS28 5ED
Oversubscribed Farsley Springbank Junior School Wesley Street LS28 5LE
Oversubscribed Farsley Westroyd Infant School Frances Street LS28 5BH
Oversubscribed Fieldhead Carr Primary School Naburn Approach LS14 2EG
Oversubscribed Five Lanes Primary School Stradbroke Way LS12 4NB
Oversubscribed Fountain Primary School Fountain Street LS27 0AW
Unknown Garforth Academy Lidgett Lane LS25 1LJ
Availability Gildersome Primary School Town Street LS27 7AB
Oversubscribed Gledhow Primary School Lidgett Lane LS8 1PL
Unknown Grange Farm Primary School Barncroft Rise LS14 1AX
Unknown Green Lane Primary Academy Ribblesdale Avenue LS25 2JX
Oversubscribed Greenhill Primary School Gamble Hill Drive LS13 4JJ
Oversubscribed Greenmount Primary School Lodge Lane LS11 6BA
Oversubscribed Greenside Primary School Chapeltown LS28 8NZ
Availability Grimes Dyke Primary School Stanks Drive LS14 5BY
Availability Drighlington Primary School Moorland Road BD11 1JY
Unknown Guiseley School Fieldhead Road LS20 8DT
Oversubscribed Harehills Primary School Darfield Road LS8 5DQ
Availability Hawksworth Church of England Primary School (Voluntary Aided) Main Street LS20 8NX
Not all nearest allocated Hawksworth Wood Primary School Cragside Walk LS5 3QE
Not all nearest allocated Highfield Primary School Sandringham Green LS17 8DJ
Oversubscribed Hill Top Primary School Batley Road WF3 1HD
Unknown Hillcrest Community Primary School Cowper Street LS7 4DR
Oversubscribed Hollybush Primary School Broad Lane LS13 2JJ
Unknown Holy Family Catholic Primary School Parliament Road LS12 2LH
Unknown Holy Name Catholic Primary School Otley Old Road LS16 6NF
Unknown Holy Rosary and St Anne’s Catholic Primary School Leopold Street LS7 4AW
Not all nearest allocated Horsforth Featherbank Primary School Featherbank LS18 4QP
Oversubscribed Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School Victoria Crescent LS18 4PT
Unknown Horsforth School Lee Lane East LS18 5RF
Oversubscribed Horsforth St Margaret’s Church of England Primary School Town Street LS18 5BL
Oversubscribed Horsforth West End Primary School West End Lane LS18 5JP
Oversubscribed Hovingham Primary School Hovingham Avenue LS8 3QY
Unknown Hugh Gaitskell Primary School St Anthony's Drive LS11 8AB
Availability Hunslet Carr Primary School Woodhouse Hill Road LS10 2DN
Oversubscribed Hunslet Moor Primary School Fairfold Avenue LS11 5EL
Oversubscribed Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Oxford Road LS20 9DA
Unknown Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School 292 Harrogate Road LS17 6SX
Availability Ingram Road Primary School Brown Lane East LS11 9LA
Unknown Ireland Wood Primary School Raynel Gardens LS16 6BW
Unknown Iveson Primary School Iveson Rise LS16 6LW
Unknown John Smeaton Academy Smeaton Approach LS15 8TA
Oversubscribed Kerr Mackie Primary School Gledhow Lane LS8 1NE
Unknown Khalsa Science Academy Free School 192A Chapeltown Road LS7 4HZ
Unknown Kippax Ash Tree Primary School Gibson Lane LS25 7JL
Unknown Kippax Greenfield Primary School Ebor Mount LS25 7PA
Oversubscribed Kippax North Junior, Infant and Nursery School Brexdale Avenue LS25 7Ej
Unknown Kirkstall St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School Morris Lane LS5 3JD
Oversubscribed Kirkstall Valley Primary School Argie Road LS4 2QZ
Unknown Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England Primary School, Ledston Green Lane WF10 2BD
Unknown Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England Primary School, Thorp Arch Dowkell Lane LS23 7AQ
Unknown Lane End Primary School Beeston Road LS11 6TP
Oversubscribed Lawns Park Primary School Chapel Lane LS12 5EX
Availability Lawnswood School Ring Road LS16 5AG
Unknown Leeds Jewish Free School Wentworth Avenue LS17 7TN
Unknown Leeds West Academy Intake Lane LS13 1DQ
Unknown Little London Community Primary School Meanwood Street LS7 1SR
Not all nearest allocated Low Road Primary School Belinda Street LS10 2PS
Unknown Hunslet St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Church Street LS10 2QY
Not all nearest allocated Lowtown Primary School Kent Road LS28 9BB
Oversubscribed Manston Primary School Dennil Road LS15 8SD
Unknown Manston St James’ Church of England Primary Academy Sandbed Lane LS15 8JH
Not all nearest allocated Meadowfield Primary School Halton Moor Avenue LS9 0JY
Unknown Meanwood Church of England Primary School Green Road LS6 4LD
Oversubscribed Methley Primary School Savile Road LS26 9HT
Availability Micklefield C.E. Primary School Great North Road LS25 4AQ
Unknown Middleton Primary School Middleton Park Avenue LS10 4HU
Oversubscribed Middleton St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Moor Flatts Road LS10 3SW
Availability Mill Field Primary School Potternewton Mount LS7 2DR
Availability Moor Allerton Hall Primary School Lidgett Lane LS17 6QP
Not all nearest allocated Moortown Primary School Shadwell Lane LS17 6DR
Unknown Morley Academy Fountain Street LS27 0PD
Availability Morley Newlands Primary School Wide Lane LS27 8PG
Oversubscribed Morley Victoria Primary School Victoria Road LS27 9NW
Unknown Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School Ellerby Road LS9 8LA
Oversubscribed New Bewerley Community School Bismarck Drive LS11 6TB
Unknown Nightingale Academy Stanley Road LS9 7AX
Unknown Ninelands Primary School Ninelands Lane LS25 1NT
Oversubscribed Oakwood Primary School North Farm Road LS8 3LZ
Oversubscribed Otley All Saints Church of England Primary School Lisker Drive LS21 1DF
Not all nearest allocated Lower Wortley Primary School Lower Wortley Road LS12 4PX
Availability Oulton Primary School Green Lea LS26 8NT
Unknown Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School Pigeon Cote Road LS14 1EP
Availability Park Spring Primary School Wellstone Avenue LS13 4EH
Not all nearest allocated Park View Primary Academy Harlech Road LS11 7DG
Availability Parklands Primary School Dufton Approach LS14 6ED
Not all nearest allocated Pool-in-Wharfedale Church of England Primary School Arthington Lane LS21 1LG
Unknown Priesthorpe School (Foundation) Priesthorpe Lane LS28 5SG
Oversubscribed Primrose Lane Primary School Westwood Way LS23 6DX
Unknown Prince Henry’s Grammar School (Academy) Farnley Lane LS21 2BB
Oversubscribed Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School Moorland Grove LS28 8EP
Unknown Pudsey Grangefield Maths and Computing College (Foundation) Mount Pleasant Road LS28 7ND
Oversubscribed Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School Primrose Hill LS28 6AB
Availability Pudsey Tyersal Primary School Tyersal Walk BD4 8ER
Oversubscribed Pudsey Waterloo Primary School Victoria Road LS28 7SR
Unknown Quarry Mount Primary School Pennington Street LS6 2JP
Unknown Ralph Thoresby School Holt Dale Approach LS16 7RX
Oversubscribed Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School New Road Side LS19 6DD
Availability Rawdon St Peter’s Church of England Primary School Town Street LS19 6PP
Oversubscribed Raynville Primary School Cross Aston Grove LS13 2TQ
Availability Richmond Hill Primary School Clark Crescent LS9 8QF
Availability Otley The Whartons Primary School The Whartons LS21 2BS
Oversubscribed Rodillian Academy Longthorpe Lane WF3 3PS
Unknown Rosebank Primary School Burley Road LS3 1JP
Unknown Rothwell Church of England Primary School Queensway LS26 0NB
Availability Rothwell Haigh Road Infant School Haigh Road LS26 0NQ
Oversubscribed Rothwell Primary School Carlton Lane LS26 0DJ
Unknown Rothwell St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Royds Lane LS26 0BJ
Availability Rothwell Victoria Junior School Cornwall Crescent LS26 0RA
Not all nearest allocated Roundhay School –All-through education from 4 to 18 Secondary Campus Gledhow Lane LS8 1ND
Unknown Roundhay St John’s Church of England Primary School North Lane LS8 2QJ
Unknown Royds School Specialist Language College Pennington Lane LS26 8EX
Oversubscribed Rufford Park Primary School Rufford Avenue LS19 7QR
Unknown Ruth Gorse Academy C/O Fountain Street LS27 0PD
Unknown Ryecroft Primary School Stonebridge Grove LS12 5AW
Unknown Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Eden Way LS4 2TF
Oversubscribed Scholes (Elmet) Primary School Station Road LS15 4BJ
Oversubscribed Seacroft Grange Primary School Moresdale Lane LS14 6JR
Availability Seven Hills Primary School Appleby Way LS27 8LA
Not all nearest allocated Shadwell Primary School - Federated with Bramham Primary School Main Street LS17 8JF
Oversubscribed Shakespeare Primary School and Children’s Centre Shakespeare Avenue LS9 7HP
Oversubscribed Sharp Lane Primary School Sharp Lane LS10 4QE
Oversubscribed Robin Hood Primary School Leeds Road WF3 3BG
Unknown South Leeds Academy Old Run Road LS10 2JU
Not all nearest allocated Southroyd Primary School Littlemore Crescent LS28 8AT
Oversubscribed Spring Bank Primary School Spring Road LS6 1AD
Unknown Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Yeadon Crofters Lea LS19 7HW
Unknown St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, Beeston Barkly Road LS11 7JS
Unknown St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Harehills St Wilfrid's Circus LS8 3PF
Availability St Bartholomew’s Church of England Primary School Strawberry Lane LS12 1SF
Unknown St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School Station Fields LS25 1PS
Unknown St Chad’s Church of England Primary School Northholme Avenue LS16 5QR
Unknown St Edward’s Catholic Primary School Westwood Way LS23 6DL
Unknown St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley Highcliffe Road LS27 9LX
Unknown St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Beeston Lady Pit Lane LS11 6RX
Unknown St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Hunslet Joseph Street LS10 2AD
Unknown St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Otley Manor Square LS21 3AP
Unknown St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Pudsey Mount Pleasant Road LS28 7AZ
Unknown St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Wetherby Barleyfields Road LS22 6PR
Unknown St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Horsforth Broadgate Lane LS18 5AB
Availability St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Clifford Road LS23 6DB
Unknown St Mary’s Menston Catholic Voluntary Academy Bradford Road LS29 6AE
Unknown St Matthew’s Church of England Primary School Wood Lane LS7 3QF
Oversubscribed Shire Oak Church of England Primary School Wood Lane LS6 2DT
Unknown St Oswald’s Church of England Junior School The Green LS20 9BT
Unknown St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Torre Road LS9 7QL
Unknown St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Buckstone Crescent LS17 5ES
Unknown St Peter’s Church of England Primary School Cormwell Street LS9 7SG
Unknown St Philip’s Catholic Primary School Middleton St Philip's Avenue LS10 3SL
Unknown St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School Barwick Road LS15 8RQ
Unknown St Urban’s Catholic Primary School Tongue Lane LS6 4QD
Oversubscribed Stanningley Primary School Leeds and Bradford Road LS28 6PE
Unknown Strawberry Fields Primary School Lidgett Lane LS25 1LL
Not all nearest allocated Summerfield Primary School Intake Lane LS13 1DQ
Unknown Swallow Hill Community College (Academy) Whingate Road LS12 3DS
Availability Swarcliffe Primary School Swarcliffe Drive LS14 5JW
Not all nearest allocated Swillington Primary School Church Lane LS26 8DX
Oversubscribed Swinnow Primary School Swinnow Road LS13 4PG
Not all nearest allocated Talbot Primary School East Moor Road LS8 1AF
Unknown Temple Moor High School Field End Grove LS15 0PT
Oversubscribed Templenewsam Halton Primary School (Foundation) Pinfold Lane LS15 7SY
Availability Thorner Church of England Primary School Kirkhills LS14 3JD
Not all nearest allocated Thorpe Primary School Dolphin Lane WF3 3DG
Oversubscribed Tranmere Park Primary School Ridge Close, Tranmere Park LS20 6JJ
Unknown Temple Learning Academy Pure Offices, 4100 Park Approach LS15 8GB
Unknown St Nicholas Catholic Primary School Oakwood Lane LS9 6QY
Oversubscribed Victoria Primary School Ivy Avenue LS9 9ER
Not all nearest allocated Weetwood Primary School Weetwood Lane LS16 5NW
Not all nearest allocated Westbrook Lane Primary School Westbrook Lane LS18 5AH
Oversubscribed Westerton Primary School Hesketh Lane WF3 1AR
Not all nearest allocated Westgate Primary School Scarborough Road LS21 3JS
Oversubscribed Westwood Primary School (Foundation) Bodmin Garth LS10 4NU
Unknown Wetherby High School (Foundation) Hallfield Lane LS22 6JS
Availability Wetherby St James’ Church of England Primary School Hallfield Lane LS22 6JS
Not all nearest allocated Whingate Primary School Whingate Road LS12 3DS
Unknown Whinmoor St Paul’s Church of England Primary School Whinmoor Crescent LS14 1EG
Oversubscribed White Laith Primary School Naburn Drive LS14 2BL
Availability Whitecote Primary School Wellington Grove LS13 2LQ
Oversubscribed Whitkirk Primary School Templegate Walk LS15 0EU
Not all nearest allocated Wigton Moor Primary School Barfield Crescent LS17 8RU
Oversubscribed Windmill Primary School Windmill Road LS10 3HQ
Unknown Woodkirk Academy Rein Road WF3 1JQ
Oversubscribed Woodlands Primary Academy Foundry Place LS9 6DA
Oversubscribed Woodlesford Primary School Church Street LS26 8RD
Availability Wykebeck Primary School Brander Street LS9 6QH
Unknown Yeadon Westfield Junior School New Road LS19 7HQ
Oversubscribed Valley View Community Primary School Coal Hill Drive LS13 1DD